Geometry in Kindergarten?  Why not!  I found a great lesson plan that involves basic geometry concepts, rhythm, 3-dimensional assemblage, and introduces young kids to origami.  Score!!!

I started by showing students a square that had been divided into triangles:

photo (1)

I then asked them to count all the triangles and squares they could find.  We then talked about how triangles can be put together to make larger squares and triangles, and even rectangles!   We also talked about how triangles are used in building a lot of times because triangles support weight better.  (Look the next time you go across a bridge!)

I then showed them an origami crane and we talked a little about the Japanese art of origami.  I showed them how I started with a square of paper and then folded it to create the bird.  If you look really closely, the bird is made up of triangles, too!  I explained to them that we would be doing some origami, too, starting with a square of paper.

Students drew patterns on 4″ x 4″ squares of colored paper, then folded them “taco style” (corner to corner.  I gave them a few minutes to play with configurations of up/down placement before passing out the glue sticks.  We will then install them on a bulletin board en masse.  I will post more photos of the installation once it’s done.

Thanks to Shine Brite Zamorano for the lesson idea!   If you are not familiar with this website, it’s full of high quality art lesson ideas that involve plenty of higher-order thinking!

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