Snow Day!

    So, the first full week of school after Spring Break, and we have two snow days in a row!  I have to say, I enjoy the time off, especially since my Christmas Break was a really busy one, but I miss my kids!  It’s especially tough since I am in a different school […]

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How Does That Work?

The question I get most frequently about being a traveling art teacher is “how does that work?”  It is a true logistics nightmare.  I travel to five different schools, which means that I have to have my supplies with me all the time — usually in the trunk of my car.  I have to haul […]

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Today, my first and second graders are creating monochromatic winter scenes, with red cardinals for a pop of color.   Even though they’re little guys, they can understand rhythm, and love seeing how rhythm in art and rhythm in music are similar.  They created a cool rhythm with different-sized birch trees and the patterns created […]

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