Glue Sponge

I bought the crappiest glue sticks at the beginning of the school year this year, and I got so mad, I threw them all away.  They didn’t last very long, anyway, and when the projects dried, the pieces all came off.  The sad thing is that these glue sticks are the only ones you can […]

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Character Murals

As a traveling art teacher, I get asked to paint a lot of murals.  Usually, people want me to paint murals of cute cartoon characters or book illustrations.  While I am not opposed to painting these things (and I’m always happy to promote reading), there is a distinct problem with these murals — Copyright laws! […]

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Pencil Dispenser

I am not going to lie — I am a Pinterest junkie.  I find some of the coolest solutions from other teachers’ Pinterest boards, including this gem! I get so little time with my students that I really have to streamline every little procedure, and one thing that has been driving me batty is pencils! […]

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Kaizen and Pencil Erasers

Erasers are the bane of my existence.  It’s gotten so bad, I’ve pretty much banned them from the art room. This is actually a controversial issue among art educators.  Some swear by them, and others hate them.  I may allow them for shading work, but for the most part, erasers are “no bueno.”  Here’s why: […]

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Class Dojo

I am a huge fan of Class Dojo, an online, app-based tool for classroom management. It allows you to award or subtract points for behaviors, or really whatever you want to use it for. Since my class is pass/fail, I award a point each day for students who show me stet understand the daily objective(s), […]

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Magic X

One of the things I love about yoga is that, at the beginning of every practice, we start with a meditation where we set aside all our stresses, problems, to-do lists, and other nagging thoughts, and we set our intentions for the day’s practice. My instructor, Gabi, will sometimes say something like “thank those thoughts […]

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