Pencil Dispenser

I am not going to lie — I am a Pinterest junkie.  I find some of the coolest solutions from other teachers’ Pinterest boards, including this gem! I get so little time with my students that I really have to streamline every little procedure, and one thing that has been driving me batty is pencils! […]

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Class Dojo

I am a huge fan of Class Dojo, an online, app-based tool for classroom management. It allows you to award or subtract points for behaviors, or really whatever you want to use it for. Since my class is pass/fail, I award a point each day for students who show me stet understand the daily objective(s), […]

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Magic X

One of the things I love about yoga is that, at the beginning of every practice, we start with a meditation where we set aside all our stresses, problems, to-do lists, and other nagging thoughts, and we set our intentions for the day’s practice. My instructor, Gabi, will sometimes say something like “thank those thoughts […]

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