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These are so awesome, but require some patience and time. I got this idea from Superhero Art Teacher Holly Bess Kincaid, who has an incredible website full of great art lessons. I did this with 5th graders.

Day one: I start by asking students to design a toy action figure of themselves, focusing on one trait that makes them “super.” It can be an actual trait they possess (strength, intelligence,) or one they wish they had (flight, invisibility.). I ask them to think about ways to show their super power through costume and details, and fill in a rough sketch of their designs.

Day 2: I pass out the sketches and Cubee templates and students start coloring their designs. Note: it helps to copy the templates onto card stock or Bristol board. Adults can make it work with paper but kids will have trouble with it.

Day 3– students cut out their Cubee templates (be VERY precise!!!) and assemble. I walk around with an X-acto knife to help cut the slits if kids are having trouble. Some kids can fold the tabs slightly and cut them that way if they are VERY careful.

These are supposed to go together without glue, but I let the kids who accidentally cut off tabs use glue to assemble them. That worked out ok.


One thought on “Cubees

  1. Awesome post & thanks for the shout out! It does require some patience with cutting and the kids laugh when I see a tab lost and I announce oops someone just lost an arm! I always keep extra “parts” available to cut out.

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