Wise Owl


I’m generally not a fan of projects where kids all do the same thing, but I think there is a place for old-fashioned guided drawing assignments. The monkey-see-monkey-do nature of guided drawing makes drawing less intimidating for students, and it shows students how to break objects down into simple shapes in order to draw them.  It’s also a good opportunity to see which students are good at following visual instructions, and for them to practice observational learning skills.  Plus, this project allows me to talk about texture, local owl species, and demonstrate coloring techniques.  I do allow the students to choose their own color scheme and get creative with coloring and details!  The results are always great with this project.

Students use a dark-colored crayon to follow my instruction step-by-step on their own paper.  I do this for two reasons — first, I really do not get enough time with students for them to re-draw and color.  So, we pretty much have to get it on the first shot.  Also, I want students to practice drawing without erasing, because I do not usually allow erasers in my classes.

This project is easily adaptable for primary — I just simplify the shapes and steps and spend more time demonstrating outlining and coloring.  This project is so fun and versatile, I often do guided drawings on days when I don’t know if I’ll have a full class period or not.  Students love it, and I often find little owl drawings around school after this.  🙂

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