A “Dalahäst” is a Swedish tradition.  “Dala” is short for “Dalarna”, which is the province the tradition comes from .   “Häst” is the Swedish word for “horse.”  Traditionally, they’re little wooden horses given to children as toys.  They’re almost always red, with beautiful decorations in green, yellow, white, and gold.  But Dalahästs, (or Dala Horses, […]

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Cherry Blossoms

This project started out as an idea for Pi Day, when one of my principals requested that all teachers teach a Pi-Day project on March 14. (Get it? 3/14 = 3.14? Ha!) But Pi is a little difficult for my K-2 students to understand, so I just explained that Pi is a special number used […]

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Mardi Gras

This week, primary students will be making Mardi Gras masks, using construction paper, feathers, spangles, scissors and glue. More practice with cutting and gluing techniques, and lots of fun!

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Students created valentines for the Kanawha Valley Senior Services Valentine’s Dinner. We used donated wallpaper samples and practiced our cutting skills. Folding paper and cutting out hearts is also a great way to teach symmetry! I allowed students to decorate their valentines any way they wanted to. This promotes creative problem solving and divergent thinking.

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… and more dragons!

One thing about teaching in a different school each day is that I get a lot of opportunities to change my lesson plans and try new things.  A teacher at this school donated some leftover tissue paper, so we made these! Primary students have trouble with fan-folding, so I like to use that technique any […]

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Imagine Dragons!

We made these sweet Chinese New Year dragons out of handprints and some extra neon red copy paper I yoinked from the “extra paper” pile in the teacher workroom.  Score!!!   The neon red looks so perfect for Chinese New Year. I love the kids’ inventive additions of tails, whiskers, horns, teeth, claws, and more! […]

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