5th graders just finished studying plants, so we took that lesson a step further by studying the capillary action that makes paper (made from plant materials) absorbent. Students experimented with watercolors, various amounts of water, resists (tape and crayon) and salt. We talked about the structures of the plants, the creation of paper, and we […]

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Mardi Gras

This week, primary students will be making Mardi Gras masks, using construction paper, feathers, spangles, scissors and glue. More practice with cutting and gluing techniques, and lots of fun!

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A principal approached related arts teachers to ask us for help reinforcing understanding of adjectives. I love tying art to other subjects because sometimes approaching those concepts visually helps students grasp concepts better. So, we illustrated them! This project is silly fun, and the students totally grasped those adjectives! My examples are above. I’ll post […]

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Funky Chicken

This lesson plan is based on the book “Tinga Tinga Tales,” which are based on African art and stories. I love the bright colors and designs! We used oil pastels on black construction paper. I emphasized use of texture, line, color, pattern, and variety.

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African Style

Primary students made fashion from African textile designs. Pants, dresses, and shirts are easy to make from basic geometric shapes. Students love the colorful fabrics, and this is a great way to talk about African culture.

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Students created valentines for the Kanawha Valley Senior Services Valentine’s Dinner. We used donated wallpaper samples and practiced our cutting skills. Folding paper and cutting out hearts is also a great way to teach symmetry! I allowed students to decorate their valentines any way they wanted to. This promotes creative problem solving and divergent thinking.

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