Art Is

Art is a concept that is difficult for kids to grasp. The subject of art covers a lot of territory, but it’s difficult to think past paintings and sculptures. I love to ask kids to brainstorm “what is art?” and see what they come up with in table-group discussions. I often don’t give a lot […]

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Rain Barrels

Today, my students painted a rain barrel for The City of Charleston, WV Stormwater Project. These rain barrels will tour all over Charleston to promote rainwater harvesting workshops throughout the area. My students were excited to learn about rainwater harvesting, themselves, and some are already doing it at home! Because of the chemical spill in […]

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5th graders just finished studying plants, so we took that lesson a step further by studying the capillary action that makes paper (made from plant materials) absorbent. Students experimented with watercolors, various amounts of water, resists (tape and crayon) and salt. We talked about the structures of the plants, the creation of paper, and we […]

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A principal approached related arts teachers to ask us for help reinforcing understanding of adjectives. I love tying art to other subjects because sometimes approaching those concepts visually helps students grasp concepts better. So, we illustrated them! This project is silly fun, and the students totally grasped those adjectives! My examples are above. I’ll post […]

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Kente Cloth

It’s black history month!  Even though I teach African art, and about African-American artists throughout the year, I wanted to do a lesson about Kente cloth with my students to tie into some other lessons that were happening in their regular classrooms.  Paper weaving is a great way to introduce the concept of weaving, and […]

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Imagine Dragons!

We made these sweet Chinese New Year dragons out of handprints and some extra neon red copy paper I yoinked from the “extra paper” pile in the teacher workroom.  Score!!!   The neon red looks so perfect for Chinese New Year. I love the kids’ inventive additions of tails, whiskers, horns, teeth, claws, and more! […]

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