Kids love Halloween, and I’ve found that they also love to learn about Dia de Los Muertos, or Mexican Day of the Dead. I spend the first two weeks of October (or, two classes, since I only see kids once a week) playing traditional Mexican music, showing videos of Dia de Los Muertos festivities, and creating fun Calavera-themed art. It’s a great way to include Social Studies and a little Foreign Language, as well.

For older kids, we trace lines with glue, dry, and color with crayons (for my 30- minute classes) or watercolor (for my 40-45-minute classes.) For younger lids, we practice drawing circles, triangles, and squares, and then put those together to make skulls — then decorate with flowers, hearts, stars, or even other themes like animals or sports! For Dia de Los Muertos, the only limit is imagination!

These are always favorites, and a fun alternative to the usual Halloween crafts.






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