Roller Coasters


This is a great lesson for teaching cutting and folding skills, pattern-making, 3-D (relief), and line. This project is perfect for grades 1-3, but kindergarten is a stretch.

Let students choose 3 paper strips, 1 1/2″ wide and 12-18″ long. Demonstrate how to make deep snips about 1″ apart along one side of the strip, the entire length of the strip. Don’t make them too short or too close together– there won’t be enough contact area to make the glue stick!


Fold the tabs in opposite directions, to create sort of a checkerboard pattern. The ridge should stick up, perpendicular to the paper. Move the ridge to create an interesting “roller coaster line,” and glue into place. Glue sticks are great for this because you can just draw the line and stick into place, but I am still searching for glue sticks that stay sticky! The best success I’ve had with this project is with a small drop of glue on each tab. Tell kids to push down on each tab to make them stick and then leave them alone until dry!



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