Class Dojo


I am a huge fan of Class Dojo, an online, app-based tool for classroom management. It allows you to award or subtract points for behaviors, or really whatever you want to use it for. Since my class is pass/fail, I award a point each day for students who show me stet understand the daily objective(s), and a point for behavior. Students can earn a third bonus point for taking the time to do really neat, detailed work. There are privileges that can be earned at various levels, such as choosing their own Class Dojo avatar, getting to work on special projects, earning charms for their award necklaces (school-wide reward system) and more.

I like the program because it is easy to assign points for whatever I want, and I can give kids instant feedback without stopping the class. If a student is disruptive, I can take off a point by clicking on his or her avatar on my iPad and the point is deducted without me having to say anything. Students can see their points on the SmartBoard, and if they earn or lose a point, sound effects and animations let them know immediately.

At the end of class, I pull up the class report, which is a circular chart. If no students lost points, it is all green. I like to call it a “Green Doughnut.” For each class that gets a green doughnut, I add a doughnut to the “Green Doughnut Club.” The class that gets 3 doughnuts in a row gets a Fun Day (Art-related movie and popcorn; outside messy art project; etc…).

This is a very cool system for managing behavior, but also for documenting student progress. And it’s free, too!


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