Dragons, Revisited…and Funding an Art Program


I revisited the Chinese Dragon lesson plan in another school today using colored construction paper because I had those supplies at that school. I really love the way these turned out! Aren’t they cool?

The supplies I have to work with play a large role in what I can do for each school. I am supposed to have $150-$200 for art supplies (for the entire year) for each school. In reality, only a couple of my schools actually budget that money for my program. This makes it really hard to do quality projects with my students. I have close to 800 students, total, so that $1000 (best case scenario) would still only supply the very basics for my program.

I was able to get some funding through Donors Choose, which has helped immensely! I still have to be sort of a scavenger, in some schools, which is sad, especially since students really love working with real art supplies to create their best work.


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