Imagine Dragons!

Imagine Dragons!

We made these sweet Chinese New Year dragons out of handprints and some extra neon red copy paper I yoinked from the “extra paper” pile in the teacher workroom.  Score!!!   The neon red looks so perfect for Chinese New Year. I love the kids’ inventive additions of tails, whiskers, horns, teeth, claws, and more! For the little guys, I’m going to just use two handprints to make a dragon mask.

This lesson is a great social studies tie-in, and also teaches texture, rhythm, positive and negative shapes, and is a great way to practice those scissor skills! Note: I had the kids trace their hands twice and then cut both hands out of 3 sheets of paper at a time, or we wouldn’t have time to get the dragons finished. This worked pretty well, but you have to sort of go around and make sure kids don’t let the paper slide around as they cut.


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