Snow Day!

winter2013 255   winter2013 256

So, the first full week of school after Spring Break, and we have two snow days in a row!  I have to say, I enjoy the time off, especially since my Christmas Break was a really busy one, but I miss my kids!  It’s especially tough since I am in a different school each day, and it feels like I haven’t been to my Monday or Tuesday schools in forever!  If I ever have to miss a day, it’s like missing an entire week with those kids, because I only see them once a week.

That being said, this is a pretty gnarly storm with lots of ice, and I’m happy to not have to drive in it.  I hope all my students are safe and warm, and I’ll see them again next week.  In the meantime, check out the cute “Snow Day” drawings my students did before Christmas Break.  I can’t take credit for the lesson plan, because I totally stole the idea from Pinterest, but I love these fun self-portraits!


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