Today, my first and second graders are creating monochromatic winter scenes, with red cardinals for a pop of color.   Even though they’re little guys, they can understand rhythm, and love seeing how rhythm in art and rhythm in music are similar.  They created a cool rhythm with different-sized birch trees and the patterns created by their shadows.  Quite a sophisticated composition for a 5-year-old, am I right?

We used construction paper crayons on grey construction paper.  I really like construction paper crayons for this project because they sort of blend, so kids can get some cool effects blending in the shadows.  Plus that red color really pops!

Cardinals are the State Bird of West Virginia, so yay for a little social studies action, too!  I was so happy when one of my students gave his Dad his drawing at pickup time, and said “Look, Daddy!  I made a West Virginia bird!”  That kid’s going to be a future Knight of the Golden Horseshoe!  I can just feel it!


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